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Gloves are sticky with a special feature on the Indonesian Muslim community . Although certainly not pointing pemakain gloves on specific religious identity . Because the sheath is also used by various groups in various quarters there .

Within the meaning of international fashion , sheath ( sarong ) means a piece of cloth the application dibebatkan width at the waist to cover the bottom of the body ( waist down ) .

Sarong made ​​from all kinds of material : cotton , polyester , or silk . The use of gloves is very wide , for relaxing at home to the official use as worship or nuptials . Generally use a sarong at the official event related to complement a particular district shirt .

According to historical records , case originated from Yemen . In the state commonly called futah sheath . Gloves are also known by the name izaar , wazaar or ma'awis . Community in the country of Oman mention sheath with wizaar name . People know him by the name of Saudi Arabia izaar .

Use of gloves has been widespread , not only in the Arabian Peninsula , but also reached South Asia , Southeast Asia , Africa , to America and Europe. Gloves first went to Indonesia in the 14th century , brought by Arab merchants and Gujarat . In subsequent developments , case in Indonesia identical with Islamic culture .

" Textiles is an industry pioneer in the Islamic era , " says Ahmad Y al - Hassan and Donald R Hill in his book Islamic Technology : An Illustrated History as reported by . In that era, textile standard peninsular Arab Muslim community is very high . No wonder , if the textile industry in the Islamic era have a very large influence on the West .

In Encyclopedia Britanica , mentioned, sheath dress has become the traditional Yemeni society . Sheath is believed to have been produced and used traditional Yemeni society since ancient times . Until now , the tradition is still strong adhesion . In fact, to date, futah or sheath Yemen became one of the traditional special - by from Yemen .

Those who traveled to Yemen usually not forget to buy gloves as gifts for relatives . Gloves used initially Bedouin living in Yemen . Casings from Yemen came from a white cloth dipped in Neel namely the black coloring . Yemen sheath consists of several variations , among assafi model , al - KADA , and annaqshah .

Actually in the Arab world , sheath dresses diidentikkan not to do acts of worship such as prayer . Even in Egypt sheath is considered inappropriate to wear to the mosque as well as the need to attend formal events and other important programs. In Egypt , sheath serves as pajamas worn only while in the bedroom.

In Indonesia, the sheath dress became one of honor and decency which show high values ​​. No wonder if the majority of Indonesian people often charging sleeve for prayers at the mosque . Imposing male superiors and subordinates cocoa shirt sleeve to prayer , so that women are superior and inferior mukena sheath for prayers .

War era when the nation 's identity
During the Dutch period , gloves identical to fight against western culture that brought the colonists .

The santris in Dutch colonial times using gloves as a symbol of resistance against Western culture brought the colonizer . Santris racial society that is most consistent with a gloved where ethnic nationalist abangans was almost left sleeve.

Attitudes consistent use of gloves is also carried out by one of the Archipelago ie Muslim fighter KH Abdul Wahab Chasbullah , a central figure in Nahdhatul Ulama ( NU ) .

Once, Abdul Wahab had invited President Sukarno . Presidential Protocol requested to dress complete with suits and ties . However , while attending citizenship ceremonies , but it came to use his or sleeve coat . Though usually people impose suits come with pants .

For a fighter who has a direct jump repeatedly fought against colonial Dutch and Japanese , Abdul Wahab remain consistent using gloves as a symbol of opposition to Western culture . It wanted to show the dignity of his people in front of the colonizers .

The special feature of sheaths Indonesia
Indonesia distinguishes gloves gloves gloves the rest is made ​​of woven , embroidered , and filter . Each type of glove came from different areas in Indonesia .

Made of woven material , comes from the area better known as East Indonesia West Nusa Tenggara Timur Nusat , Sulawesi , and Bali . While embroidered , highly identified with special custom features Minangkabau and Palembang . Meanwhile filter , we know this stuff comes from Lampung .

Traditional glove plaid . Gloves made ​​from woven , created the most simple . Tends to play colors , motifs than 'many ' . While the filter and songket , will look similar at a glance .

Only , filter motive has natural elements , such as flora and fauna. While embroidered motifs , looks more lively with motifs fill the entire contents of the material. There are similarities between the filter and songket , that both made ​​of gold and silver thread .

Why motive glove boxes ?
Value philosophical motives glove boxes translate, every good step to the right , left, up or down , there will be consequences . Look like a chessboard -patterned gradient bali sheath . When we are in the white point , going anywhere , difference block . While it be safe is a slow step toward the diagonal . As a result, instead of moving forward but stay away from the target. So the temptation is bold block that will quickly reap the hope.

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