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FOUR HOW THE BRAIN preserve stay young

or the elderly , the brain memory loss to dementia a scourge that often occur . There are many ways you can do in order to keep the brain sharp . Diligently read , still trying to memorize something , to play games that require the brain to think and remember .

In addition , there were 4 other things that are useful to train the brain . You may not think before. Here's the list of quoted .

1 . Drinking green tea
Research in 2012 showed that green tea can increase cognitive abilities , especially in men . Researchers managed to find a positive effect of flavonoids contained in green tea on the brain . Meanwhile , a recent study showed that green tea could protect the brain from Alzheimer's .

2 . Keep your cholesterol level
Research in 2009 showed that the increase of cholesterol in the body is associated with high risk of Alzheimer's and dementia . Based on the research , what is good for the heart is also good for the brain . For that , you can reduce the risk of dementia and with lower levels of cholesterol .

3 . Maintaining healthy teeth
Believe it or not , dental hygiene -related brain health . Research shows that visiting the dentist twice a year and clean the teeth regularly good for brain health . Good oral hygiene can reduce one's risk of developing dementia . Other studies have also shown that people who brush their teeth less than once a day had a risk of dementia 65 percent higher .

4 . Watching documentaries about nature
A recent study in the journal PLoS ONE found that people who watched a documentary about nature have a higher value in a language proficiency test . They also have lower levels of stress and have a better quality of life . In fact , they have better brains than those who successfully complete brain teasers and the like .

No need to wait until old age to come . Familiarize yourself even more when young helps brain cells stay nice when we get older .

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