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Surely you are not so familiar with the name Thomas Alva Edison he was one of the scientists who managed to find a better telegraph machine , not only managed to find pemneuan useful to society at this time Thomas Alva Edison also been predicted if future technology will semangkin more dibndingkan advanced of its time .

Not just saying if future technology will evolve semangkin Thomas Alva Edison also made some predictions and events that will occur in the future and forecast turned out great Thomas Alva Edison 's prediction proved true .

Now you want to know what ever foreseen by Thomas Alva Edison was quoted consider the following :

1 . Predictions 1911 : Death of Steam Engines .
Edison told , steam engines will soon issue a final steam . According to him , in 2011 , the railway was driven at incredible speed by electricity generated by hydraulic wheels .

reality :
When this article was written , the electric motor has been used for decades . Such as electric locomotives , diesel electric railroad first made ​​its debut on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1935 . Less practical steam locomotive and continued to decline in the United States ( U.S. ) until 1960 and not used again . For hydraulic wheel , most of the diesel trains already use hydraulic transmission system . 

2 . Predictions 1911 : Commercial Aviation will become common .
Edison predicted , the future traveler will be booed very slow movement of the earth , like a crawl . Aircraft will fly in the air , faster than seagulls . With a speed of two hundred miles per hour and a colossal engine , passengers could have breakfast in London and transact business in Paris and eat lunch in Cheapside .

reality :
True ! Most of the passenger aircraft with a speed of 804-904 km / h . To travel from London to Paris and back to London could now be done .

3 . Predictions 1911, the Iron is commonly used in home construction .
According to Edison , the house will be completed in the next century iron loft . Infants in the 20th century would use Kerancang steel cradle , father sitting on a metal chair in the iron table and boudoir furnished luxury mother iron .

reality :
We are now using a lot of iron . Steel consumption grew 3.3 % during the 20th century and is now close to 800 million tons . It is often used for construction , and support structures .

4 . Predictions 1911 : magical book will contain the entire contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica .
Edison predicted , the next century printed books from the leaves of nickel , so light to the reader can enjoy a small library in a single volume . This inch -thick book contains 40 thousand pages , the equivalent of a hundred volumes and load the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica enough . Each volume weighs less than one pound ( half a kg ) .

reality :
We currently have several tools that can accommodate the entire contents of the library . If you follow the CES recently , there are many devices it there .

5 . Predictions 1911 Chemical proven right and everything is made ​​of gold .
According to Edison , when he almost found the secret of transmuting metals , all have the same substance though combined in different proportions . " We're just waiting for the time to convert iron into gold , " he said .

reality :
Gold is in fact very valuable . Edison's true , all the elements are made of the same material substance . Scientists create artificial transmutation of gold through the process . It is still far from economical choice . So at least for now there is no gold taxi , but it may be hoped will be realized in 2111 .

Well that's a miraculous prophecy that proved true Edison .

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