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Jalan cinta raya No. 14
  MADIUN 11730
August 1st  2012
PT. Sinar Mentari  Jaya Abadi
Jalan Kehidupan Indah No.14

Dear Sirs,
Our company is a company that specializes in selling various leather products such as leather wallets, leather shoes and so forth. We will soon open several branches in various areas in Java. although we will open branches in various regions, we would like distribution of goods to be shipped for sale in our company running smoothly and the goods we sell good quality goods with prices that can reach the surrounding community.
Some time ago we read a profile of your company, your company produces goods in a newspaper. We are very interested to cooperate with your company. Therefore we are very happy if your company is willing to send the list of goods and price list production. If your company has regional branches in Central Java and East Java, we also ask to include the address of a branch office in your company so that later if your office area is very easy walking distance from our company, we can order the goods from the nearest branch office .
We also hope that your company can provide special offers for our company. We are expecting a reply from you to cooperate with our company.
Yours Faithfully,

Indra Chandra Kurnia 
Purchase Manager

Jakarta, April 02, 2013
Quantum Komputer
5th Floor, Mangga Dua Mall
Blok D26, Jakarta

Dear Mr. Richard Setyawan
I am interested in the items contained in the Computer Magazines March 30 issue of the computer magazine 2013.I want to order :
·         1 piece external hard drive with a capacity of 2 terabytes
·         1 internal hard drive with a capacity of 1 terabytes
·         2 piece external hard drive with a capacity 500 gigabytes
please be sent to the address of Jl. Mampang Prapatan IV 34 A, Tegal Parang, South Jakarta.
for the payment I will immediately transfer into your account ..
Yours sincerely,
note :
the reason I bought it because I need to backup the data on your PC. when I saw the ad in a computer magazine I thought I was really interested in the goods being sold because it has a lower price than the market.

Complaint letter

Dear Sirs
Our Order No. FT567
On 12 August I ordered 12 copies of Background Music by H. Lowery under my order number FT567.
On opening the parcel received this morning I found that it contained 12 copies of History of Music by the same author. I regret that I cannot keep these books as I have an adequate stock already. I am therefore returning the books by parcel post for immediate replacement, as I have several customers waiting for them.
Please credit my account with the invoiced value of the returned copes including reimbursement for the postage cost of £17.90.
Yours faithfully
Reimbursement: a refund of money (pengembalian uang)

Application letter

March 3, 2013
Personnel Department Manager
PT Angin Ribut
23 Jl. Kempek-Pegagan
Cirebon, 45161
Dear Sir,
Subject: Application Letter
Reading your advertisement on KOMPAS Daily, dated March 1, 2013, I am interested to apply for the position on Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) you offer.
I am 29 years of age and I graduated from Mechanical Technique Faculty, Jenderal Achmad Yani University, Bandung, Majoring in Metallurgy.
I have an excellent health, high motivation, good communication skill, computer skill, creative, high loyalty, integrity, I am ready to work hard, motorcycle, SIM C and highly motivated to works every where.
Hopefully, you could consider my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Agus Sholeh, ST


Street Sultan Trenggono 87 Demak Telp/Fax (0291) 685519 Demak
Email :

                                                                              June 30, 2021
  To          : Deputi Head of Sector Facility/Infrastructure
  From      : Headmaster
  Subject   : Preparation Meeting

          We ask that you prepare the hall space and equipment for meeting
  graduation class XII to be held on 3 July, 2021.
          Thank you for your help.

                                                                                         Headmaster name :)


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