Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013


Become an office employee was taking things easy difficulty. Kerjaannya sometimes light sometimes heavy . Saya Gajiannya sure once a month. Once the cuts do not go direct . And many more other constraints , especially the problem of the relationship between employees and between employees with the boss .

Most professionals begin to feel saturation in the workplace because such matters . In addition it may also be because it 's monotonous and kerjaannya only , and because it has many employees who resigned and moved to another work location .

It's a lot of reasons we will get when we already feel saturated with our work . Salary problems , co-workers , labor conditions , and others will continue our already made ​​a scapegoat because we feel saturated .

Therefore, here I will try to give 4 Tips to keep the spirit of the work collected from

1 . Suppose Jobs For Worship
One of the most important things that are not saturated and still be able to love the job is assuming the job as worship . Since assuming the worship , we will always sincere to undergo . In addition we will also always diligent and active in carrying out all the work. Although there is saturation , we will still have the passion to work , because it is not just a routine job to do, but the work is worship.

2 . Forging a Good Relationship with Co-workers
Have a colleague who would fit in with our very difficult indeed. Especially if we are not a sociable person and easy to get along with everyone . Therefore, in the work we have always maintained a good relationship with my colleagues . Modest aim , namely that when we are saturated , there is someone who remind or invite to chat and joke that we can refresh and revive again to lead our work .

3 . Do not Just Silence In The Workplace
Whether you have a lot of work at the desk and your room . Still you should take a little time to stand up from your chair and then walked to another room or simply meet our colleagues to try other things outside work. It is very necessary so that we are not overly saturated with our work until we finally precisely lazy to do our work routine .

4 . Make the Rest and Leisure Time Work for Refreshing momentarily
This is my favorite tips . Ie do when refreshing break or holiday work . When the rest of work , you do not just shut up and lunch only. You can also license out the office for a while or simply head office canteen to do refreshing . In addition, when working on public holidays , do not just used to be lazy and only on one's back home. Use the best time for refreshing or simply bypass road towards a town or village green is still fresh . Use the best holiday for your work routine for a moment forget that sometimes boring .

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