Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013


Difficult to wake up in the morning
Many people are having trouble up early fault of their own , which was late in the day before. Though keeping the ration was still trying to wake up early and important to do in order to maintain the body's biological clock .
delaying alarm
Alarm delay will not make feel more refreshed because you've got a chance to sleep longer, but it can damage the sleep system and make the body feel weak . Instead of delaying alarm , better install an alarm and put it in a place away from the reach of the hand .

Sleep and wake up at will
As mentioned previously , keeping the body's biological clock needs to be done in a way to sleep and wake up at the same time . If you accustom yourself to sleep and wake up at will, the body will feel weak and lethargic .
Exercise on an empty stomach
Exercise after waking up is a good habit . But what makes it worse is exercising on an empty stomach . Better wake up 15 or 20 minutes early , enjoy fruit and hurried exercise .

Skipping breakfast
Research shows that skipping breakfast can increase the risk of diabetes . Not only that , no breakfast also affect mood and memory of the men . So stop this bad habit as soon as possible .

That's bad habits in the morning . Hopefully you are not one of those people who always do .

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