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Every person who is addicted to smoking definitely determined to stop . Although in fact it was hard , kerahkan repeated efforts by looking at indicators of quitting smoking. When relapse , do not consider it as a defeat . Think of it as a valuable experience , a small failure that will eventually reach the goal.

One of the reasons to quit smoking because smoking is dangerous to health and life . Smoking has been associated with more than 25 life -threatening diseases . For example , smoking is a major contributor to a number of diseases such as heart attack , stroke , chronic bronchitis , emphysema , and various cancers , especially lung cancer . Various counseling and seminars on how to quit smoking has been done , but the increased number of smokers over time .

Of course, someone may have been smoking for years before attacked one of these diseases . Meanwhile, smoking does not make a person look more attractive . Advertisements portray that smoking is a luxury and healthy . The reality is very different . Smoking does not make good breath , and teeth and fingers become yellowish brown . For men , smoking can cause impotence. Also cause coughing and panting breath . In addition, smokers are more likely to quickly experience wrinkling on the face and other skin problem . Here's some practical advice how to quit smoking were collected from

Convince yourself that quitting smoking at all is not in vain . Make a list of reasons for wanting to quit , including all benefits.
Analysis of smoking habits by finding out when and why should smoking . May be useful if recorded on paper , anytime and anywhere usually puff per cigarette of the day. This will help before the situation might look tempting to smoke .
Pick a date and mark it on your calendar. Instead, choose a day and you will not be burdened by other unnecessary stress . When that day comes , stop smoking altogether, a sudden and total .
Before this date arrives , remove ashtrays, matches, and lighters . Wash all clothing belonging smelling tobacco smoke .
Make a list of colleagues , friends, and family support as well as provide support to disabled moril already committed to quitting smoking . Do not be afraid of asking others not to smoke near you.
Plan events for that date. Doing activities like going to places where smoking is prohibited , such as museums or theaters . Can also work out , swim , bike , or walk away .
During the first few weeks of a confidential, santaplah low- calorie food , and drink plenty of water. Some are aided by eating raw vegetables as snacks , such as carrots or celery .
Resist the reasoning that might tempt one to smoke . Some common ideas emerged during this period, ' today I'm going to smoke it, just so that this difficulty can be passed. ' " I have no bad habits other than smoking ! ' ' No tobacco may be the worst , some heavy smokers live beyond 90 years. '' Let however , I finally will die anyway . ' " What 's life without tobacco oneself ? '
If it is almost surrendered , tundalah . To wait ten minutes, a strong desire can be extinguished. Sometimes , the idea of ​​being cut off with cigarettes seem too difficult . If it is felt that, Concentrate to stop on this day only.
The hardest is the first three months, but even after it should wherever possible avoid the smokers and situations that may tempt to smoke .
Do not fool yourself by thinking that smoking can at any time , even have to quit smoking for a year or more .
Resist the temptation to suck " a just " . A time can easily be followed by a further , and in a short time , all the hard work to stop any pointless. However , if the effect weakened and wants to start smoking , there is no longer a reason to try . If relapse , stop again.
Millions of smokers have successfully quit . With determination and persistence , What seems impossible can definitely resolved.

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