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We all certainly know the profit figure in the Donald Duck comics . Contrary to Donald's always shit. Profit is the profit narrated continue . There's just luck that always approaching figure native duck called Gladstone 's . How sweet life of those who profit . Slacker , never worked , but always more profit from Donald . If the Profit and Donald walked along , suddenly found a piece of money on the street surely the profit . If you'd like to always have good luck as the profit , do not worry , it turns out there are lucky that knowledge.

Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire England, trying to look into the things that distinguish the lucky ones with the bad luck. Wiseman recruit a group of people who feel life is always profit , and others whose lives are always a bunch of shit. It effects such as play , how luck can be scrutinized . But it turns out that successful people act differently with their shit.

For example , in one of the study 's The Luck Project , Wiseman gave the task to calculate how much a photo in a newspaper that shared the last 2 groups . The people of the unlucky group takes an average of 2 minutes to complete this task . While those of the group profit only need a few seconds only ! Lho coke can ? Yes , because earlier on the 2nd page , Wiseman has put no small inscription reads " Stop count now ! there are 43 photographs in this newspaper . " Kelompol fucking missed this article when immersed count picture. In fact, more yogi yet, in the midst of a newspaper , Wiseman put another message that read: " Stop count now and tell the researcher you discover this , and win $ 250 ! " . Again unlucky group delay last message ! It's really bad luck.

In summary , the research diklaimnya "scientific " , the Wiseman found 4 factors that differentiate them from the unlucky lucky , as reported by

1 . Attitude towards opportunities
Lucky people was a bit more open to opportunity . They are more sensitive to the availability of opportunities, good at creating opportunity , and act when opportunity comes . How it's possible ? It turned out that successful people have a more relaxed attitude and open to new experiences . They are more open to interaction with people who are new , and create new social networks . People are fucking closed firmer up to new possibilities .

For example , when Barnett Helzberg gem of a shop owner in New York to sell his precious store , accidentally while walking in front of the Plaza Hotel , he heard a woman call the man beside him : " Mr . Buffet ! " Just a glimpse of events that may be skipped most of the less fortunate . But Helzber think , it thinks if it appears next man is Warren Buffet , one of the largest investors in the U.S. , he had the opportunity offers its stone store network . But soon greet Helzberg next guy , and it turns out he was right Warren Buffet . General Discussion ensued and the previous Helzberg no way to know Warren Buffet , successful business as a direct offer to the Buffet, face to face . A year later , Buffet agreed to buy network -owned shops Helzberg gem . Really lucky .

2 . Using intuition in decision making
The winners turned out to rely more on intuition than logic . Important decisions are made ​​by the most fortunate evidently done on the basis whisper " conscience " ( intuition ) of the brain result from tampering with sophisticated figure . The figures will be very helpful, but the final decision is generally of the " gut feeling " . That probably difficult for people who are unlucky , last whisper of conscience would be difficult if we hear our brains turn to reasoning endless. Hence, people generally have a successful method to sharpen their intuition , for example through regular meditation . On a calm mental condition , and a clear mind , intuition will be more easily accessible. And the more frequently used , our intuition will increasingly sharp .

Many of my friends asked, " listen to intuition " is how ? What suddenly heard a voice that tells us to do something ? Wow, if I did not like the experience . Even if all of a sudden heard a voice that did not come to light source, can - can I lose consciousness . Because it's subjective , there may be people who beneran voice losing you . But if my experience , intuition is indeed often appear in various forms , for example :
- The signal from the body . You certainly often experience . " Gue coke suddenly deg - degan yes , want can browse fortune was " , kind of like that. Our bodies indeed often give certain signals that you should maknakan . Say you coke suddenly fell dizzy deal can browse if you prefer cock , so watch out if all of a sudden just fell dizzy again.

- Signal from feeling . Suddenly you feel something else when looking at or doing something . This is what I've ever experienced . For example , when I was a student I like to feel suddenly excited every office across the certain enterprise . Several years later, I turned out to work in the office .

3 . Always hope good will come
Lucky people who always turns ge - er for life . Prejudiced always good that good will come to him . With this mental attitude , they are more resistant to test them, and be more positive in interacting with others . Try it you do the test yourself in a simple, ask successful people you know , how the future business prospects . Sure they will tell optimism and hope.

4 . Changing a bad thing to be good
Lucky people very clever face adverse situations and change it to be good. For them, every situation there is always a bright side . In one tesnya Prof Wiseman asked participants to imagine was going to the bank , and the bank suddenly raided herds armed mugger . And participants were asked to express their reactions . The reaction of the unlucky group umunya is : "Oh shit Bener there in the middle of that robbery ." While the reaction was lucky , for example is : " Good thing I got there, I could write my experience to the media and money can browse " . Whatever the situation , the successful principal profit directly . They were quickly able to adapt to adverse situations and change it to be successful.

school Profitability
For those who are less fortunate , even open Luck Prof Wiseman School. Wiseman training given to such people is to make " Luck Diary " , the diary of luck . Each day , participants should register positive things happen or profitability . They are strictly forbidden to write down their bad luck . Initially it may be difficult , but so they can write a good luck , tomorrow - next day would be the easier and the more luck they write . And when they saw a few days back Diary Lucky them , they are increasingly aware of how fortunate they are . And appropriate the principle of " law of attraction " , the more they think about how they 're lucky, then the more lucky events that come in their lives.

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