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It is undeniable that the drunk on the way is still often experienced by many people . Not only land vehicles , sea and air vehicles could also make a person drunk on the way .This is caused by the body's balance system tergangguanya , where the balance of the system does not work in a synchronized manner .Motion sickness can also be triggered by a sharp odors , fragrances , as well as the lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the number of vehicles .Well , if you want to feel the comfort and peace during a long journey , this time there are a few tips so as not to get drunk on the way , so that your journey will be fun .As quoted from , this is it for five ways to avoid a hangover on the way .

1 . Chewing ginger
Ginger is known as a cure many diseases , one of which is to relieve nausea . With ginger chew while traveling , you will avoid nausea and drunk on the way , so that the journey you will feel more comfortable .

2 . Choosing the right seat
If you are one of those people who often experience motion sickness on the way , then when I want to travel far , choosing the seat or seats that make you comfortable , like a chair near the door , a chair within a chair away with the other , or seats feels spacious .

3 . Consider food consumed
If you want to travel far , then you should pay attention to the food that you consume before a long trip . We recommend that you do not eat foods that are difficult to digest , such as greasy foods , spicy , and foods that have a strong scent .You can eat easily digestible foods such as bread or biscuits , and much more .

4 . Seeing the sights outside
If you feel a bit dizzy and started to feel nauseous , you should see the view outside the vehicle , so you are more relaxed and comfortable .

5 . Try not to read
To read a book , a person needs a comfortable place in order to balance the system will be easy to walk . However , if the reading is not in the vehicle that is being rocked , then the body will be difficult to maintain balance , thus making the head feels dizzy , and was starting to feel nauseous .

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