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Green tea, blueberries , and whole grains is the most known and has been shown to improve brain performance . Yet studies show lansit Menshealth However , there are some foods that can lower the performance of the organ . Researcher shows , some foods have a great potential to reduce the performance of the brain.

1 . Omelet egg whites
Yes , egg white is very rich in protein , but if you do not eat the egg yolk will lose the most important nutrients , namely choline . Adults who eat more dietary choline in their own verbal and visual ability is better in memory tests than those with less . So says a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

2 . Agave
Agave is a sweetener that has a high rate of fructose . This causes agave is sweeter than sugar. Unfortunately , the high fructose also can decrease brain function. An original study of the University of California at Los Angeles in mice reveals , fructose can impair movement and memory. Rats fed a high-fructose run more slowly and have the ability to remember which is lower than rats fed omega-3 fatty acids .

3 . Tuna
Tuna is salutary because many contain omega-3 fatty acids , but unfortunately , these fish also contain the heavy metals mercury . A study showed , the highest mercury is in the bloodstream of people who eat a lot of fish that contain mercury.Cognitive test results in this group an average of 5 percent worse than the other group . Therefore, pililah low-mercury seafood such as salmon , sardines, and whitefish .

4 . Popcorn microwave
Microwave popcorn is known to contain more trans fat. But trans fats increase the risk of heart with layers and inflammation in blood vessels. Not only that , trans fats are also bad for the brain .Known from studies in 2011 , elderly people who have a diet high in trans fat have lower cognitive ability later in life and have smaller brains than those who do not .

5 . Biscuits and crisps
In a study to analyze the snacking habits , people who eat unhealthy snacks more than three times a week , such as candy , chips, and biscuits can make cognitive ability declines, less concentration, and attention . Why ? According to the study, a snack , this snack contains a lot of fat that can cause fatigue and lack of caution.

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