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It turns out that religion teaches us in all respects, including in terms of health . Prophet 5 mengajakrat us about healthy living. 

1 . Not eating before hunger and moderation in eating .
Lifestyle lived by the last Prophet of Allah is indeed precedent for the people of today. One is the Messenger of not eating before hunger and moderation in eating . It 's scientifically proven healthy .

 2 . Sitting when to drink
When you feel thirsty to drink water at regular Prophet seated first. This method is also scientifically proven healthy and when we drink water with the position still stands there will be a valve that is not ready to accept water pressure and when seated valves that open and ready to receive water .

 3 . Eating with the right hand
Eating with the right hand is not just a tradition but also according to a study is also one of a healthy lifestyle . When eaten with the right hand then the left brain which is the active nature of the left brain is always in order , and berpikir.Sedangkan when eating using the left hand that is active right brain that has a random nature and the imagination . So eating with the left hand is considered less suitable according to a study .

4 . Quickly fast sleep and wake
If it's time to sleep , then the Prophet would be fast asleep . Proper sleep at night are roughly after the break after evening prayers , approximately 21.30 . Then approximately 03.00 're up at night to pray malam.Dengan thirds so time spent in bed is less than eight hours . In this context , the use of 24 hours in one day and one night , was third for work , one-third to worship God , and a third is to sleep enough . Of course , this comparison is not rigid , but rather in the sense of balance .

 5 . Often fasting
According to a study of fasting is a powerful method for restraint . It is a healthy way that sometimes people still underestimated today .

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