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Smoking is a habit that is hard to stop , especially no feedback effect that can afflict smokers who want to quit . Until now there has been no miracle drug that can help people quit smoking , but there are some alternatives that can help relieve the symptoms of feedback effects .Quitting smoking is not easy . Tobacco smoking as a major ingredient contains nicotine , which can be very addictive as heroin . When smokers try to quit , the symptoms of the effects of reversal (withdrawal ) can also be difficult , even making efforts to ' repent cigarettes ' failed miserably .But some tea are believed to help relieve the symptoms of feedback effects , so business can be a smoker to quit easier . Here are some teas that can help you stop smoking , as quoted

1 . Mimosa tea
Mimosa , herbaceous plant that grows throughout the year in Mexico or Brazil , can be used as a tea and offer a sense of calm and relaxing to the person sip . Because smokers often experience anxiety , depression , and headaches when he stopped , a strong cup of tea mimosa can offer temporary relief .

2 . Chamomile tea and skullcap
Skullcap and chamomile tea is known for reducing anxiety and nervous tension . Both of these teas not only help calm the nerves , but according to Penelope Sach , author of " Healing and Cleansing With Herbal Tea ' , two tea can help reduce hunger .

3 . Teh lobelia ( Indian tobacco )
Lobelia , also known as Indian tobacco , is a controversial herb . Brigitte Mars , author of " Addiction - Free - Naturally ' , writes that lobelia can act as an expectorant that helps cleanse the lungs . Herbs can also be a soothing relaxant and relieve muscle tension .But the herb lobelia can produce the same effects as nicotine in the brain , the difference is not addictive herb . Lobelia should be used with caution , because overuse can cause vomiting , drowsiness , and a weak pulse .

4 . The green tea and jasmine
Green tea and jasmine is believed to calm the nerves and help you relax . More importantly, healthy teas can act as antioxidants , which help fight free radical levels were invented cigarettes . Tea is also regarded as a detoxifying tea that can help eliminate a lot of toxins that contribute to the desire for tobacco .

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