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Success in career is very desirable by everyone . However , career success is not a form of high office or the amount of income earned .The success of one's career is a success when trying hard to achieve goals or career they want .Well quoted for you who want to succeed in your career, here are some tips that can make your career more successful .

1 . Increase education
Higher education is one of the requirements to achieve your career success . Basically every company is to make the level of education one of the requirements that must be met for an employee in the company However , in addition to the higher education will also affect the high knowledge of the various things that you will make your job easy . By increasing the education you will get a broader knowledge and make you to achieve career success easier . 

2 . Learn new skills
If formal education is very important to support your career , then the informal education is equally important to advance your career . You can learn many new skills such as language skills , writing skills , and others . It would be very supportive of all the progress your career in the future .

3 . Creating a connection
Basically a very successful career requires extensive connections . Therefore , you should be able to establish connections with various sections of society , especially with experts in the field you are currently living. Make the connection was with them , so that you can ask for help about a problem in your job , or you can also get a project or extensive cooperation .

4 . Fix fashion style
Appearance someone would describe that person 's personality . Well , those words also apply in pioneering career , because the appearance is the most important thing to support your career . By the way you dress that others can judge you . For instance , if you become a manager at the company , then you will be well-dressed , and clean to look like a manager .

5 . Current Mentor
In a career , a person must need a mentor , counselor , or the like to give your opinion on . Look for a mentor or advisor to high -minded or have higher knowledge than you .

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