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Do you know the name Indonesia derives from the word " Indo " and " Nesie " which in Greek means the Indian archipelago . And the first to use the name to refer to the state of Indonesia Indonesia is James Richardson Logan in 1869 in his essay in the book entitled " The Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia " , published in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal ( 1849-1859 ) .
However, during the colonial Sajam first , the name Indonesia is taboo to mention , so it appears some name or designation has been granted by foreign nations to name Indonesia . Here are 5 other names that could be given by the Indonesian foreign nations in the past . The following information is quoted from berjambang.blogspot.com


Indian names are creations of Herodotus , an expert on the history of science is a Greek ( 484 BC - 42m ) , he is the father of the History of Science has been recognized throughout the world .
Naderlandsch Oost - Indie / Netherlands Indies
This name was first mentioned by Cornelis de Houtman , a sailor Belkamu ruling in Indonesia . as it is written in the historical record , Cornelis de Houtman was nobility Be ; your first time to lead his troops into Indonesia in 1596 .


The next name is the first Insulinde by Eduard Douwes Dekker called or invoked also Multatuli, in his book entitled Max Havelaar in 1860 . This name was created because Multatulo was disgusted to hear the name given by the Indie Naderlandsch Belkamu . The meaning of the name is derived from the words Insulinde " Insulair " , " Insula " and " Indus " which in Latin " insula " means island and " Indus " means Indies while Insilinde mean Indies island .


Furthermore , there is the name of the archipelago are mentioned in ancient Indian libraries to name Indonesia . As for the archipelago or Dwipantara means islands located between the continents . And in the book mentioned that Negarakertagama archipelago of small islands are located outside Java. While the history of Malay , spoken Nusa name Tamara . Inipin name actually comes from the words spoken archipelago .

4.The Malay Archipelago

This name was coined by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1869, after he held perlawatan to our homeland , from 1854 until 1682 . As for the " Malay " means the Malays , " Archipel " is derived from the Greek " Archipelagus " ( from origin Archi = reigns ; plagus = sea ) . Thus mean or mean sea master collection Malay islands .

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