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They ( religions that form ) assumes that human beings are now no longer be expected to improve himself so expect extra terrestrial intervention to save our world . Here are 6 of religion which is based on the existence of UFOs , as quoted from berjambang.blogspot.com

1 . Scientology

Scientology is a collection of teachings and related techniques developed by American author , L. Ron Hubbard for about 30 years , starting in 1952 as a self- help philosophy , the development of self - help system itself earlier , Dianetics . This doctrine claims to offer an exact methodology ( definitely ) to help humans achieve awareness of their spiritual existence across some period of his life and , at the same time , to become more effective in the physical world . The name " Scientology " is also used to refer to the controversial Church of Scientology , the largest organization promoting the practice of Scientology . The church itself is part of a network of related corporations that claim ownership and sole authority to disseminate Dianetics and Scientology .

2 . Nuwaubian Nation

Nuwaubian Nation or Nuwaubian movement is a religious organization founded and led by Malachi ( Dwight ) York . It is classified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, USA . York started as a founder of the Black Muslim group in New York in 1967 , and has changed his teachings and his group of names many times . In the late 1980s , he left the " Muslim " movement supporting the theme of Ancient Egypt and extraterrestrial or terrestrial activity . In 1933 , he left Brooklyn and then to Eatonton , Putnam County , Georgia , where he built a race brotherhood Egypt called Tama - Re .

3 . Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters , in the Ascended Master Teachings is derived from the Theosophical concept of universities from Ancient Wisdom or " Mahatmas " . They are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans , but who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation . First introduced in 1934 with the publication of Unveiled Mysteries by Guy Ballard in the " I AM Aktivity . This concept was further popularized by writers such as Baird T. Spalding in the 1930s , and in books such as The Bridge to Freedom (1951 ) , The Summit Lighthouse ( 1958), and various other organizations such as the White Eagle Lodge ( 1936) .

4 . Raelian

Religion is led by Claude Vorilhon ( Rael ) , a former auto racing journalist and former French singer . Raelians ( followers of the movement rael ) believe in the existence of God ( The scientists from another planet ) , which is a group of extraterrestrials ( intelligent beings from outer space ) that makes life on earth . Companion anehdidunia.com Raelians are the individualists who believe in self-determination and not trust fate . Raelian advocated universal ethical and peaceful world , Raelians believe that the fate of the world would be better if the people get the most privileged geniuses in government . As Saxon " There is life in outer space " , Raelian scientists hope of mankind would follow the lead of Elohim that crawl space to the level of the cosmos and make life another planet . Raelians believe and trust that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is through the process of cloning science ( memory transfer technique ) by Elohim ( The scientists from another planet ) , Raelians are conducting research cloning to access eternal life , and that people can be eternal , but criticism and debate always
The Raelian followers who actively exhibiting sex - positive feminism and anti- war with an outdoor parade . One of the rituals in the Raelian is doing Cellular Transmission by tutors who have a higher level . Raelians do not believe in God , but believe in the infinity of the universe .

5 . " I AM " Activity

" I AM " Aktivity is a religious movement founded in the early 1930s by Guy Ballard ( 1878-1939 ) and his wife Edna ( 1886-1971 ) in Chicago , Illinois . This religion is an offshoot of theosophy and a major predecessor of several New Age religions including the Church Universal and Triumphant . Companion anehdidunia.com This movement has up to one million followers in 1938 and is still active on a smaller scale . According to the official website of the parent organization , Saint Germain Foundation , the worldwide headquarters is located in Schaumburg , Illinois and there are approximately 300 local groups worldwide under several variations , among others ; " I AM " Sanctuary , " I AM " Temple , and other similar .

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