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Various religions have stories about Adam and Eve were cast out of heaven as a result of eating the forbidden fruit . People are trying to interpret what is meant fruit . Until now , there are about 11 kinds of fruit that are considered forbidden fruit .
Of the dozens of pieces of speculation , some we know well and often we consume . The fruit is also known to be rich in nutrients. One of the frequently mentioned is the apple . So what else is suspected of fruit as forbidden fruit ?
Here is 5 pieces of fruit suspected of being eaten by Adam and Eve , as quoted from hermawayne.blogspot.com :

1 . Fig

Another name is fig fig fig . This fruit is one of the most often associated with the forbidden fruit . Because many are listed in the book of fig and some cultures . The artists also frequently depict the leaves that covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve as a fig leaf .
( Fig is the richest plant source of calcium and fiber . It also contains a lot of antioxidants , flavonoids , and polyphenols . )

2 . wine

It is said that Eve took the grapes and the juice . The grape juice has an effect like wine , can make themselves drunk and forgot . Allegedly , this is because the fruit Adam & Eve stripped clothes .
( The wine is rich in fruit resveratrol . Compound is thought to prevent cancer , heart disease , and Alzheimer's . Moreover , wine is also rich in vitamins A , C , B complex , C , and carotene . 
3 . tomatoes

In some Slavic languages ​​, tomato called ' rajcica ' or ' paradajz ' , both of which also means heaven ( paradise ) . Before the 17th century , the tomato was considered poisonous in some European countries . Hence , tomato is often linked with the forbidden fruit of paradise .
( Tomatoes contain lycopene many , vitamin A , and vitamin C. In addition to good for heart health , tomatoes can prevent prostate cancer . )

4 . apple

In Latin , the demon and apples have a similar word , which is ' malum ' and ' malum ' . Therefore , apples are often mistaken for the forbidden fruit . Moreover , the English man called Adam's apple ' Adam 's apple ' , because supposedly the forbidden fruit stuck in Adam 's throat when swallowed .
( The adage 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away ' indicates that this fruit has many benefits for health . Starting from colon cancer , prostate , lung , to cholesterol and heart disease can be prevented with antioxidant-rich fruit and fiber of this . )

5 . wheat

Although not a fruit , grain often grab the forbidden fruit in paradise . It may be that this assumption arises because in Hebrew wheat is ' khitah ' , similar to ' Khet ' which means sin . In addition , once said to be as high as a palm tree with a grain size of a kidney bean big bull . Because the ' fruit ' terlarangnya eaten by humans , a small tree is doomed to be like now .

( Wheat became the staple food of the people of the world . There are many foods that can be produced from these grains , including bread and pasta . Due to carbohydrate-rich food made ​​from wheat can be a source of energy to move . )

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