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There have been many people may know about Junk food that has no nutritional value and will actually make us become very unhealthy . High calorie content that can make us hit Obesity or cholesterol .
And over the years , not a little junk food manufacturers who hide dirty secrets . Quoted from riskydhe.mywapblog.com , here are some facts you must know about junk food .

fact 1
You know that chili sauce and chicken wings we used to eat at the restaurant Fast Food that contains silicon dioxide , or what we call sand . That makes sense crunchy and crispy on the dish , crazy right?

fact 2
Most of the meat packing meat processing manufacturers of thousands of cows at once . The risk of disease transmission must be quite large , therefore the plant cope with bathing cows using ammonia gas . And of course it is not good for health .

fact 3
It used lean beef or lean ground beef fed to dogs . But now , lean beef also canned for human consumption . Well , add another crazy right?

fact 4
If you eat fast food orange brown slightly bitter taste , the color does not come from fruits or plants , rather than urine or urine beavers into a natural dye . Well

fact 5
Carmine or carmine dye derived from organs that were destroyed in Dactylopius cocci .

fact 6
Most restaurants make bread sandwich by adding chemicals amonnium sulfate to make the yeast work more optimally so that the bread is really fluffy . And the material is extremely harmful to the body if consumed continuously.

fact 7
Did you know that most of the bread using l - cysteine ​​, an amino acid derived from duck feathers and human hair to mengempukkan bread ? ? ? And that's a fact .

fact 8
Most foods that require lubrication to keep it moist ( like mayonnaise ) containing propylene glycerol . Such materials may cause irritation to skin and eyes .

fact 9
After the test pieces of chicken feathers , John Hopkins University discovered many chemical constituents derived from drugs , caffeine , and foods that should not be given to chickens .
And , yes that's the chicken that we eat at restaurants Fast Food , still want to eat it continues after know about this ?

fact 10
Most fast food restorant using dimethylpolysiloxane as an ingredient for cooking chicken . And these chemicals are also commonly used for the manufacture of breast sililon .

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