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Ancient times is that we should be remembered and used as an example for humans today .
So many books are written about the habits or even human life in ancient times . This book is so that it can be recalled and be subject to man today .
However , it turns out there are some habits without realizing that early humans is still done by humans to date . The habit was still embedded in human beings today .
But , unfortunately, the habit is not a good habit , but it's a bad habit that ancient humans has now also become a bad habit man today .
Well, here quoted berjambang.blogspot.com , this is it for five bad habits that had been there since time immemorial .

1 . Having tattoos
Since the first humans are familiar with the art of painting which he describes through their skin . They work to describe their work through the skin called tattoos . This tattoo until today still used by humans to decorate his body with a wide variety of images , but it's just a tattoo is very different era, first tattoo today .

2 . Drunkenness
Since the new stone age called the Neolithic or early humans have known if he drinks of the alcoholic fermentation . Then getting the drinks were growing up until now, even people still use alcohol to drink them .

3 . gamble
Since ancient Roman times gambling is already known by the public , and to this day is still done by the gambling community . However , only the first bet gladiators to gamble their way , whereas now gambling is growing with the variety of things that they make a bet .

4 . Making graffiti
Bad habit of doodling on the walls made ​​by the youth of today this was already there since time immemorial . Only teenagers ancient scribble wall cave where he lives .

5 . said gross

Somebody would say dirty when you're angry or upset . Bad habits that can not be disposed of this was already there since ancient times as evidenced by the discovery of inscriptions expert oara containing about dirty word to insult someone .

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